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Year 8 Charity Day

On Friday 23rd March Year 8 students from Holsworthy Community College held their annual Charity Day; this year raising money for the North Devon Hospice.


Working in groups in their Life Skills lessons over several weeks they planned different events to raise as much money as possible. They made posters to advertise their events and sourced what they needed in the way of provisions.


At break and lunchtimes, they set up their stalls and prepared to attract their customers. Stalls included: hook a duck, raffle, guess the number of sweets in a jar, splat the rat, stocks, coconut shy, milkshakes, nail painting, cake stalls, doughnut hanging as well as sporting events.


“For the Year 8 Charity Day we did a cake sale and raised over £50.00. This is around a fifth of what the school raised overall, which was £258.50, which was amazing! Grace Harman, Skye Bundey and Vicky Down provided the school with loads of yummy treats that they baked, such as cakes and biscuits. Molly Ross, Chloe Brown and Reanna Lucas also provided different, fun games to play. We also had a Victoria sponge, which was a raffle prize, won by Freya Laming and the “Guess how many cookies are in the cookie-jar”, which was won by Jess Hart. Overall we were pleased to raise money for the North Devon Hospice.”

Grace Harman


The Year 8 Charity Day coincided with this year’s Sport Relief, so the PE department also organised a ‘run a mile’ event, which took place over break and mentor time. Students and staff had to run/walk 8 laps of the MUGA, which equates to 1 mile. Prizes of Easter Eggs were given to the fastest competitors. At 50p per entrant they did well to raise £92.84!


As they say, a great day was had by all!