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Principal's Welcome

Holsworthy Community College is a small academy set in rural Devon whose values are based on unity, compassion and friendship. As one of the founding members of the Dartmoor Multi Academy Trust, we live the cooperative values that the Trust holds at its heart.

The academy believes in providing excellence for all students in the greater Holsworthy area, so that students can achieve their goals. The dedicated staff at HCC will work together to identify and provide the assistance your child needs to maximise their achievement. We have high expectations for pupils and teachers alike to work together to ensure strong progress, from when pupils join us in Year 7, to when they leave us in Year 11.


We want to work with parents and carers to give our pupils the best chance of success during what are very important years of their lives. We do this by providing a challenging, rigorous yet supportive curriculum for our learners. We know that we are an important step in a student’s journey through education and we work with post-16 providers to ensure that our students are prepared for the next step, whether that is an apprenticeship, A-Levels or a vocational course.

As an integral part of the local community, we know our responsibility in providing the next generation of parents, employers and leaders in the greater Holsworthy area. Our mantra of ‘Small enough to know you, big enough to make a difference’ emphasises this. We want to play a part in improving the prospects in our local area and making a difference.


On a personal note, I look forward to meeting you all once restrictions permit visitors to school and working together to improve opportunities for our young people.


If you have any questions or would like to visit the school please get in touch: 01409 253430 or email admin@hccdevon.org


Gareth Smith

Principal – Holsworthy Community College