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Curriculum Intent


The intent of Computing is to enable students to see and interact with the whole world through Digital Literacy, Computer Science and Creative IT. Computing skills also allow for learning to progress through all subjects – it gives students the confidence to use technology positively in their life, through digital learning and avoid negative use. Online safety is a necessity for students to protect themselves, their identity and their future self. Computing technology is moving so fast that what we use today will be dramatically different in only a few years – we are preparing them for Computing Careers that potentially do not exist at the moment.


The intent of Food Technology is to enable students to access a healthy lifestyle for current and future living. It will develop knowledge and skills to make good choices about the food they eat and cook. We explore different food cultures and introduce new ingredients to broaden their own experiences and future food choices both at home and in the workplace.


The intent of Design & Technology is to enable students to understand the world around them and that everything we use and value has been designed and manufactured. The technological developments in human history revolve around creative and imaginative skills of innovation and we hope to inspire them to be the designers and manufacturers of future products and that their ideas that will elevate humanity.