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Year 8 Bear Tracks

On the 13th June some students from HCC were chosen to have a day out in the sun to experience a survival bear tracks activity.
We were all so excited to see what was coming and couldn't wait. Here’s what happened:
Once we arrived at the lovely farm, owned by Jenni Guy, we were taken on an orienteering walk with a little spin to it. Along the course there were answers to questions about English vocabulary and we had to write them down on a sheet and hopefully be the first to finish. Although it was short, we all loved it!
Once we arrived at the camp we were split into 2 groups. My group made fire. First, our lovely teacher for the day, Rolly, told us about how to make fires in the wild if you don’t have a lighter or matches. Once he had explained how to do it, we had a go and it worked! Luckily no one caught on fire!
After break we did shelter building. At the start we were taught how to make a simple shelter with an army sheet and bungees. After that we took it upon ourselves to try and make a more effective shelter, e.g. more space and weather proof. The boys prevailed after finishing their shelter perfectly.
After lunch was the most gross part of the day. Both groups were sat down in a tent and shown ….
how to cook and eat insects!
Yes, it may seem disgusting, and it was, but apparently we could be eating insects every day!
Next it was team games. We were split into 3 teams and placed in front of a pipe with holes in it. Our task was to run with a jug to get water, sprint back and fill up the pipe. The only problem was the pipe had holes so we had to try and cover them up with our hands. The first team did great and were one of the fastest teams ever. Unfortunately, the other teams failed miserably and didn't finish. One student got covered in water when everyone let go, but on a positive note everyone still loved the day.
Unfortunately, after so much fun it was time to go home. We said goodbye to everyone and thanked them. It was amazing.
Eve Langman