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Year 7’s First Thoughts on HCC

I like it at Holsworthy College because we have lessons with different teachers in different rooms. I was worried I might be bullied, but all the students have been really kind and friendly. It’s good that in our mentor groups we have students from all years so we get to know some from Years 8 to 11. My favourite lesson is Art; Miss Urquhart is really nice and I enjoy her lessons.
Ruby Williams
The best thing about Holsworthy College is football after school. Mr Vanstone and Mr Watkins are awesome! I am playing my first game for the College on Wednesday at a tournament in Okehampton. I was really pleased to be picked for the team. My second favourite lesson is English with Mrs Rollason. She has fun lessons, which makes me want to learn.
George Wellington
HCC is a great school, everyone is really friendly. I have already made a couple of new friends. The thing I worried about most before coming here was losing my bus pass. So far I have managed to keep hold of it! The school dinners are really good. My favourite so far is the Hunter’s Chicken Hubway – it’s scrumptious! My favourite lesson is PE, but at the moment we are playing netball, which I am not that keen on. Football is my sport and I am looking forward to when we can play that in Year 8, however, the girls’ only session on the MUGA on a Thursday gives me my football fix!
Abigail Wellington
I really like the Library because there are lots of different genres of books; I love reading. The new design Library is great – I love the colours and the bean bags! My favourite lesson is History. I find it really interesting to learn about what happened long before I was born. At the moment we are studying Medieval times, but my favourite era is the Stone Age. I was worried about getting lost or not being able to find my class, but it’s been really easy – the timetable makes it clear where we have to go. It’s really nice that the College is so spacious and light due to the large windows.
Holly Trayford
The best lesson for me is Computing. I like Technology and the College has really good facilities. The other lesson I like is Maths – it’s not too easy, but not too hard either. I feel I am learning at the right pace and progressing. I like running so I’m looking forward to athletics in the summer. I wasn’t worried about anything before I came because the 2 day visit we had in July gave me lots of information so I knew what to expect.
Ryan Towle
Pictured Ruby Williams, Ryan Towle, Abigail Wellington, George Wellington, Holly Trayford