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Year 10 Aspire to Excellence

On Friday 23rd February, we were offered the opportunity to take thirty of our Year 10 academically gifted and talented students to Exeter College, for the day, to learn more about their Reach Academy, the International Baccalaureate and to experience some A-Level taster sessions from either Maths and Science or English, Languages and IB or Humanities pathway.
We also had tour of the college and talks by students currently studying there.
Angela Stubbington, the Exeter College organiser, said the pupils were a credit to us.
Thanks to Miss Trainor-Roulstone and Mrs Lovegrove for helping to organise a fabulous day.
Mrs Storry
“I chose to do Humanities, where we looked at sociology and psychology. I found it interesting to see what these courses entailed as it was not something I had considered studying previously. We looked at the reasons behind people’s actions and the effect on their wellbeing. It was helpful to have an insight into the college life and a tour of the whole campus. I am considering going to Exeter College, but I think I will probably do A-levels.”
Will Skinner
“I also chose to do Humanities. The subject of mental health was covered briefly, but it was a good insight. I chose this because I like this area of study. The information about the Reach Academy and the facilities at the college was great and very informative. Now that I have visited, I may consider this as an option post 16.”
Louise Shepherd
“I chose to do Maths and Science. One area that we looked at was Forensic Science. We had to measure maggots to determine how long ago someone had died. On a graph you can measure their growth to determine how long they had been on a dead body. The longer they were, the longer they had been there—helping to determine time of death. I found this really interesting—something I had never done before! I had not considered studying this before, but having now looked into it, I may consider it in the future!”
Ben Hampton