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Raising Aspirations Year 10 Talented and Gifted Visit to Exeter College

On Wednesday 11th January 22 pupils from Year 10 attended an inspirational day at Exeter College with a focus on
Reach Academy and the International Baccalaureate (IB) qualification.
The IB lecture was added to the programme at our request after last year’s visit, so thank you to Angela Stubbington at Exeter College for the action packed day.
Thank you to Miss Trainor-Roulstone and Mrs Woodhead for accompanying and driving the mini buses on the day.
My favourite session was the forensic science entomology (study of bugs) hands on session with maggots (in petri dishes)
to work out the stages of a decomposing corpse by the life cycle of a blow fly and the size of the maggot.
Also, the tour of the college was very impressive, with lots of new purpose built buildings.
The programme is detailed below, along with the very positive feedback from the pupils who are now considering a wide variety of post 16 options
that were explained by both lecturers and students from the college.
Mrs Storry
Welcome Talk (Assistant Principal)
Reach Academy presentation
International Baccalaureate presentation
Faculty taster sessions (students to choose either Maths and Science pathway or English and Humanities Pathway)
Tour of college
Q&A with current Exeter College students
“I really enjoyed the day and am excited about the International Baccalaureate course. I have already planned which subjects to do and feel really motivated to succeed in school.” Reece
“I have learned a lot about college life at Exeter and the trip has broadened my knowledge of what I want to study. I was intrigued by the IB programme and what it can offer.” Joe Lopez
“I found out a lot about IB and really enjoyed classics. Exeter has a really wide range of options and lots of opportunities.” Elizabeth Hampton
“I enjoyed the tour because I got to see all of the different buildings and facilities and see how modern the college was.” Tilly Daniel
“I learned a lot about the International Baccalaureate and it got me thinking about my options post 16.” Ellie Burnard
“I really enjoyed the trip, especially Steve the hacker and the maggots in genetic science. I’m most likely going to take A Level computer science. Thanks Mrs Storry.” S
“The Exeter trip was good for me to see what options there are post 16, such as the IB, which most of us didn't know about.
The taster session was good because we didn't know forensic science was an A Level.” Sophie Sleeman
“I thought that forensic science was really interesting. It changed my mind about Exeter College.” Maddie Dean-Fowler
“I have learned a lot about the different pathways I could take after school.” Ursula Owen
“The ‘how to plan a murder’ taster session didn't actually show you how to plan a murder, it just showed you pictures of a dead person and the life cycle of a fly.” Jake Hobbs