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Jake’s Shave for Charity

On Saturday 1st October Jake Piper had his head shaved for charity. Jake decided to raise money for Cancer Research UK after a close family friend was diagnosed with cancer.
Jake had the idea to have his head shaved to raise money after seeing a Cancer Research charity appeal on TV.
“The day had arrived…. I was a bit worried as I was nervous about what other people would say and what my friends at school would think. Rachel from The Hair Shop in Holsworthy offered to come and shave my head at home at 3 o’clock, so I had the whole day to prepare myself, although the wait was frustrating as I just wanted to get it over with.
As she started to shave my head I was feeling increasingly worried, but as she continued I started to feel better. I was pleased with the results—she did a good job cutting my hair and I think it looks quite good. There was a lot of hair, but not enough to give to charity.
I am pleased I did this and I have managed to raise £770 for the charity. My Just Giving page is still open
This has raised £395 with the remainder of the money has been raised through the shop where my Nan is the Manager—The Country Dairy Kitchen and at Holsworthy Primary School where my Mum works. My Mum was pleased with the results and thinks my new haircut suits me. With the weather turning colder I now have to wear a woolly hat!”