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German Exchange Visit

“The German exchange was a really eye opening experience and introduced me to a group of new people and their way of life in another country. We did loads of great activities including a trip to Cologne and Phantasia land. My favourite part was the water skiing , because I have never done it before.” Sophie Sleeman, Year 9.
“It was a thoroughly amazing experience. I found out many new German words and learnt more about their way of life. Everyone made many wonderful new friends that we will all keep in contact with, All the families were kind and made us all feel welcome. We enjoyed every day, the outings to Koeln, water skiing and Phantasia land were great and I would love to go again!” Clare Ley, Year 10
“I enjoyed the exchange, as it helped me to learn more German and helped me grow in confidence in speaking German. The highlight for me was water skiing and Phantasia land, because it was so different to England. Seeing new things in Germany really made me see that we are not all so different.” Josh Smith, Year 9.
“The German Exchange was a good, fun experience . The best parts were Phantasia land and water skiing. It is a great chance to learn about German culture and I expanded my German vocabulary by listening to conversations and reading signs.” Berin Year 10
“The exchange taught me a lot over the 8 days. I learnt a lot more about Germany and their culture than I previously thought. The general German way of life really opened my eyes and showed me how big the world is. I have really benefited from the exchange and if I had the opportunity to go again, I would not think twice!” Amy Gear, Year 10
“The exchange was a great experience for me because I learnt more about German life living with a German family. My favourite part of the exchange was water skiing because we got to socialise with our all the exchange partners and it was great fun. The exchange is a great way to learn different things and I learnt a lot about how we have different foods!” Lydia Lavender, Year 9
“I enjoyed the exchange as we had lots of fun and my partner was really nice. I would definitely go again because it was nice to meet other people and I enjoyed the activities, especially water skiing.” Maddy Deane, Year 9
“I really enjoyed being part of the German exchange this year. It was a great experience and I have made friends because of it. My favourite part of the exchange was water skiing and Phantasia land, as it gave us the chance to get to know all the other students and was fun.” Susannah Leigh , Year 10
“The German exchange was a great experience. I have made so many great new friends and learnt so much German on the trip. The activities we did were amazing, especially the water skiing.” Jasmine Stevens, Year 10
The German exchange involved : Phantasia Land theme park, water skiing in Wetzlar, visit to Frankfurt or Cologne, visit to chocolate museum with samples, mountain hut BBQ , cooking, sports, Music, Geography and English.
If you would like to go on the next German Exchange please see Mrs Storry or Mr Green for a letter.