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Year 7 and their First Week

“My first week at HCC was great! I lost my way a couple of times, but now I’m getting to know where everything is.
My favourite lessons are Art, English, Maths, Computing and Life Skills. When I first started I was worried that I would miss a lesson, but I have not.”
“I was worried about getting lost, but I asked my buddy. I love the new uniform. I was worried about missing the bus in my first week, but I didn't. I love the Pasta King in the canteen. I was worried that I was going to be bullied, but I haven't been.”
“What if I get lost and am late for lessons? What if I am too small and get bullied? What if the teachers set really hard homework that I really can’t do? What if I get told off? What if I lost all my friends? What if I am late for school?
What if the tall people are scary? What if I don't know where the toilet is? What will I do?
But they were all ‘what ifs’ and not what happened. “
Jorja Snook-Bevis
“I like poetry. My favourite lessons are Computing, Maths and Art. My first week at school has been great. I was worried about being bullied, but I haven't been. I have also made lots of new friends from different primary schools.”
Darcie Marley
“My favourite lessons are PE, Computing and English. I have not got lost and I am enjoying school.”
Matthew Heal
“My favourite lessons are PE, Maths and German. I am enjoying school, I enjoyed the first week a lot. I go to the Care Farm on a Wednesday where we do team building activities. The canteen food is good!”
Tilly Wright
“My first week at school was very good. It was easy finding my way around the school. I am getting to know all the teachers really well.”
William Tozer