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Spain Trip 2016

“On the 13th of June we travelled to Malaga, where we were to be trained by professional football coaches. They were very experienced and it really showed during the training. They taught us classic Spanish football, completely different to what we were used to.
We trained every single day for 2 hours from 9am – 11am, this was before it got too hot.
We learnt how to play more tactically, with less running about or lobbing the ball up the field, this was more defensive tactics – we are used to playing on the attack. Whilst we can run around for 90 minutes in England, in Spain it is just too hot to do this, which is why they play so differently to us, and why maybe England doesn’t do so well in the World Cup!
It was a fantastic opportunity to learn different skills and we all benefitted hugely from their instruction. We hope to bring back some of what we have learnt and implement it in our play during the next season.
We all learnt something and the trip was very beneficial.”
Jamie Hunt
“The experience was very good and the coaches taught us a lot about the Spanish culture and how they play football.” Will Skinner
“The Malaga coaches used their expertise to help me improve my game and grow as a player.” Callum Luxton