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Examination Information

Holsworthy Community College Press Release 2018

Holsworthy Community College pupils perform well with the new demanding GCSES


Holsworthy Community College pupils have coped well with the new demanding GCSEs which see a huge change with the 100% examination process in place for the vast majority of all subjects.   Our Governors and staff would like to take this opportunity to thank our staff, the parents and our fantastic students for all of their efforts. 


Pleasingly 10% of our 108 students gained the sought after top grades 8 or 9 with 33 grade 9s or 8s in total with 13 students achieving a grade 9.   With grade 9 being the highest grade and grade 4 being a pass, 61% of our students gained GCSE English and 53% 9-4 for Maths and 60% gained two GCSE Science grades and 83% gaining a 4 and above in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.  95.8% gained Biology 4 and above, with the same 95.8% also being achieved by Physics.  In Chemistry with 87.5% gaining 4 and above.  GCSE RE performed very well with 93% gaining a 4 and above and 85.7% gaining a 5 and above.


Particular recognition needs to go to Sophie Sleeman who achieved a hugely impressive seven grade 9s in English Language, English Literature, Maths, Biology, Physics, History and RE with a grade 8 in Chemistry and French and a grade 7 in GCSE PE.  A fantastic achievement and a testament to five years of hard work, dedication and commitment to her learning from Sophie and our staff. 


Sophie was in fantastic company of her peers with Peter McCabery also achieving grade 9s in Physics and RE, a grade 8s in Maths, Biology, History, and French, and a grade 7 in English and PE.  Morris Haynes also achieved a grade 9 in English.  Euan Scott performed well by gaining an 8 in Computer Science and an 8 in RE.  Ellie Burnard performed very well across all of her subjects and gained an 8 in Geography.   Our talented artists Annalise Discombe, Ellie King and Katie Jayne Lambe all gained grade 8 and I am not surprised to learn that Katie is now selling some of her art work.


We are very proud of all of our students who experienced the first year of 100% examination GCSEs for the majority of their subjects, whereas last year this was only the case for GCSE English and GCSE Maths.   It is also especially rewarding to see how well our students managed who found school especially challenging. 


Holsworthy Community College would like to wish all of our ex-Year 11 students well and hope that they are able to enjoy and achieve well in their Post 16 placement. 



Key stage 4 results for 2018