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Virtual Sports Day

Poseidon - 1st Thor - 2nd Zeus - 3rd Apollo - 4th
6124 Points 4637 Points 4550 Points 3359 Points


Hi welcome to your virtual sports day running from Monday 6th July - Friday 10th July, this is an individual and house competition so please enter all 5 challenges.


Below is an introduction video from Mr Vanstone and 4 challenges one each from Mr Vanstone, Miss Goldsworthy, Mr Pugh and Mr Watkins.


Watch the video complete the challenge and e-mail your results to Mr Vanstone -            svanstone@hcc.devon.sch.uk


All results you send in will be done on trust just send in the number you manage to complete, your name and your house e.g Zeus. We will update the scores as the week progresses for each house.


Challenge 5 is the mile challenge. You can walk, run, cycle or scooter every mile you do over the week equals 1 point for your house just send in your total miles for the week.


So when e-mailing Mr Vanstone it might look like this:

Challenge 1 - 36

Challenge 2 (if you don't have a hoop shoot at a mark on a wall) - 12

Challenge 3 55

Challenge 4 - 34

Challenge 5 - 15

Name - Taylor

House - Zeus


Virtual Sports Day Introduction

Virtual Sports Day Challenge 1

Virtual Sports Day Challenge 2

Virtual Sports Day Challenge 3

Virtual Sports Day Challenge 4