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Summer School Catch Up 2021

Holsworthy Community College Summer School 2021 Report

Department for Education (DfE) research estimates that in the first half-term of autumn 2020, pupils in:

  • year 3 to 9 were on average around 1.6 to 2 months behind on their reading
  • year 3 to 7 were around 3.2 months behind on their maths
  • schools with high numbers of pupils eligible for free school meals were on average further behind those in schools with low free school meals eligibility

Anecdotal evidence also points to children and young people’s mental health having suffered from lockdown and from periods of individual or class isolation even after schools reopened fully in the autumn term.

Summer school provision with an academic focus has the potential to support attending pupils to make up for some of their missed education. The Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) finds that, on average, pupils attending a summer school can make:

  • 2 months’ additional progress (compared with pupils who do not attend)
  • up to 4 months’ additional progress if the summer school offers small group tuition led by highly-trained and experienced teaching staff

Evidence suggests a broader benefit for families and communities, support for vulnerable children and young people, pupil mental health and wellbeing, improved education engagement and transitions, and reduced youth violence.

Holsworthy Community College was delighted to offer a Summer School provision as part of our Year 6 transition programme. 

The summer school programme delivered by Holsworthy College ran from Monday 2nd August to Friday 6th August 2021 each day commencing at 8.45am and ending at 3.30pm.

The summer school aimed to support Year 6 students transitioning from primary into Year 7 September 2021, and to aid educational recovery following COVID-19, both academically and in terms of wellbeing.

The programme of activities included a blend of academic education delivered through a range of enrichment activities including:

  • A tour of the college campus. 
  • Lessons in English, Maths, PE and Arts and Crafts all making links to the Tokyo Olympics
  • Wellbeing activities.

A nutritious lunch was provided for all pupils.


112  pupils were invited to attend (25 were eligible for pupil premium). 

67 pupils signed up to attend (10 were eligible for pupil premium).

Daily attendance:


Monday 2nd

Tuesday 3rd

Wednesday 4th

Thursday 5th

Friday 6th

Total No: Pupils Attending






No: eligible for Pupil Premium








Summer School Funding:

Pupil places were funded through the DfE at a daily rate of £59.70. 

The total amount of funding available based on the number of pupils for whom a place was delivered is £18,447.30. 

The total cost of the summer school provision at Okehampton College was £8,369.33, and this amount is being claimed from the DfE. 


The summer school provided a fantastic opportunity for our incoming Year 7 children to have a rich experience during the school holidays and an opportunity for them to meet fellow pupils, build relationships with new teachers and familiarise themselves with their new school environment, routines and expectations. 

Feedback from pupils, parents and staff was positive.

If finances permit, there is a strong argument for repeating the summer school in summer 2022. The structure of the day worked well.