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Show my Homework (SMHW) & Home Learning

UPDATE - Home learning is set through SMHW - Please ensure you have downloaded the app. Students can also sign in through the email on this website


Some Teachers and subjects are using Google classroom to set home learning,  you can find more information here:

Accessing Google Classroom

Seneca Learning - logging in / signing up  & assignments

Google Classroom - Assignments and working on a Document

Google Classroom - Answering Questions


How to fix common problems:

- Download Chrome 

- Install Google classroom app for Android or Apple


Accessing  Office 365 & Outlook eMail


Free Adobe Creative Suite

Adobe Creative Suite - Sign in with your @hcc.devon.sch.uk email, reset the password, log in, download to Mac, Windows or mobile device for free


There are several ways to access Show My Homework (SMHW).


By signing into the student email on the HCC website, you land on the RM unify page with a variety of applications like Google Classroom, Onedrive, emails & SMHW.


Alternatively, web access can also be found here: 

https://www.satchelone.com/login, again you sign in with RMunify.


It is best for parents and students to download the app. You can download the SMHW app from Google Play or the AppStore; you sign in with RMunify, using the same student login details that the children use in school.


Parents should use their own separate pin and not share the students account as it will kick the student off. If you need a new pin please contact the school admin team on 01409 253430 or admin@hcc.devon.sch.uk