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Home Learning

Welcome to our Home Learning Zone. 

Please remember that your physical, mental & emotional wellbeing is of paramount importance. If you would like to speak to anyone please contact your tutor via email or on Classcharts You could also call helping hands on 07540725836 


You can find more information on physical and mental health here:https://www.hcc.devon.sch.uk/useful-links/


Help with the Technology:

If you have any problems with the technology or systems  look at these video guides, alternatively please email admin@hcc.devon.sch.uk for more support.

Catch up & Consolidation


Follow these links to catch up with work or consolidate your learning over the summer break.


  • You may be asked to log in to either Google Drive or Google classroom with your school email address and password.
  • If there is an error check you are not signed into a personal Gmail account




Design & Technology

English GCSE

English KS3



Modern Foreign Languages



PSHE / LifeSkills



Google Drive  & Google Classroom

The College email address of your son/daughter e.g. 24JSmith@hcc.devon.sch.uk is a Google ID and can be used to sign into a range of apps and services.


When working on a mobile device, we recommend that, if possible, the following apps are downloaded and logged into with their College details. This will improve workflow and allow students to work offline.


For Android

Google Drive 

Google Classroom 

Google Doc enable offline work in the settings

Google Slides - enable offline work in the settings


For Apple -

Google Drive 

Google Classroom

Google Doc - enable offline work in the settings

Google Slides enable offline work in the settings


Microsoft Office 365 

Office 365 applications like Word and PowerPoint are available to students at the College - accessed via their Outlook email and then by clicking on the 9 dots in the top left corner of the screen. See this for more information:

Office 365 & Outlook eMail

Video Guides for Students

Accessing Showmyhomework (SMHW)

Office 365 & Outlook eMail

Accessing Google Classroom

Seneca Learning - logging in / signing up  & assignments

Google Classroom - Assignments and working on a Document

Google Classroom - Answering Questions

Google classroom organisation- To-Do List , Tasks and Keep (Download Google keep for your smartphone or watch)

Adobe Creative Suite - Sign in with your @hcc.devon.sch.uk email, reset the password, log in, download to Mac, Windows or mobile device for free


How to fix common problems:

- Download Chrome 

- Install Google classroom app for Android or Apple

Daily Structure

If you are struggling to have a daily plan you could use this "possible" timetable to structure your week:


Please check with the safeguarding officers if you plan to do any digital face to face teaching

For any technical help please email ITsupport@hcc.devon.sch.uk or contact JDR


Google Classroom (Overview)

1 - Class settings

2 - Adding other teachers and manually adding students

3 - Setting a question 

4 - Creating Assignments 

5 - Creating a Quiz in Google Classroom 

6 - Monitoring Student work, feedback and tracking

7 - Self-paced lessons with Google Meet and Google classroom 

8 - Downloading student work 

9 - Google Slides - locking background



1 Seating Plans and other lesson features

How to set up a homework task

How to mark submissions for a homework task


Microsoft Teams

1 - Overview of features

2 - Running a face to face meeting


Other advanced tools:

Loom Video editing  


Seneca Overview & Setup

Senneca Assignments

Pear Deck - creating self-paced Google Slides or PowerPoints

Google Hangout as self-paced lessons

Quizizz - Fun multiple-choice quiz platform that can be set via Google Classroom


Other useful tools

Zoom -An overview of this web conferencing tool (*This should not be used with students due to  safeguarding concerns)