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Dec 2014 Norovirus Information

Please read this PDF document addressed to all Devon Schools to raises awareness of the approaching Norovirus Season and the points included that may help to reduce the spread of infection.

Information on Norovirus infection is available on the Health Protection Website 



April 2014 - Vaccination against Diphtheria, Tetanus, Polio and Meningitis C (School Leaver’s Booster)


If you are concerned that your child may have missed out on their school leaver’s booster vaccination (for Diphtheria, Tetanus, Polio and Meningitis C) given during the Spring Term to Year 10 pupils, please contact the Immunisation Team on 01392 208469 or 208470.They will be happy to answer any queries that you may have. The team are coming to school again after the half term and can see any children with a completed consent form. Please ignore this message if your child has already been vaccinated.


May 2013 - Measles. Don't let your child catch it! Get them vaccinated with the MMR vaccine



Jan/Feb 2013
"We have cases of Norovirus (winter vomiting bug) confirmed in the area. Guidance (from December 2011) is available under the drop down menu under Parent and Student Information in the Health section. The need for effective personal hygiene is paramount in preventing further cases."


February 2013 - Latest Flu information
December 2012 - Measles
The latest information for Devon schools with regard to measles can be viewed here.
Our aim is to work together with parents, carers, students and teaching staff and other agencies to promote the health and well being of school aged children so that they can:


  • Be healthy
  • Stay safe
  • Enjoy and achieve
  • Make a positive contribution
  • Enjoy economic wellbeing


Your school health team consists of:


  • Rebecca Odlin School Nurse


What does the school health team do?


  • Check students height, weight and hearing.
  • Provide health advice to help young people make the best of their education.
  • Support children who have particular medical needs and create individual health care plans.
  • Work with and refer to other professionals such as: teachers, other school staff, your GP, primary mental health workers, parent support advisors paediatricians and social workers.
  • Work with other agencies to safeguard the welfare of children and young people.
  • Health education, individually and classroom based.
  • Home visits.
  • Supporting immunisation programmes in school.
The school health team is based at:
Holsworthy Skills Centre
Western Road
EX22 6DH
Tel: 01409 255340
Sep 2011 - Child Cancer
Click the images for a full screen view.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Measles, Chicken Pox and Shingles
We would like to ask for your co-operation in an important matter. One of our pupils is receiving medical treatment for cancer which puts him at risk if he is exposed to measles, chicken pox or shingles.

1.   Please let us know immediately if your child is suspected of having measles. 

2.  The pupil is also at risk from chicken pox and would need to be given an injection within three days of contact. If your child is suspected of having chicken pox, you should let us know immediately. 

3.  It is also important that you advise us if someone in your household is suffering from shingles.

Your child is not at any risk from this situation. However, the health and well being of the pupil does depend on the co-operation of all parents and carers.

Thank you for your support.