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Autumn Term
At the beginning of term, the whole school went to Bridgerule School to take part in a Drumming Workshop. They had a fantastic time learning different rhythms based on being animals, elephants, snakes and creepy crawlies. They had the opportunity to play Bougarabou and Djembe drums and then watched a performance.
“ I really enjoyed watching Bridgerule year 6 playing and then I had to go up and join them playing my favourite drum” said Archie S.
“ We had to copy what the man did, the drum was quite big but it was easy to do and I really enjoyed it “said Emilia.

Summer Term

Also in the last week of term, the whole school visited The Big Sheep for their end of term trip, the PTFA kindly funded the entrance fees.
KS1 carousel 2.jpg 
KS1 pigs 2.jpg  
KS1 trampoline 2.jpg KS2 swings 2.jpg 
KS2 guns 2.jpg KS2 trampoline 2.jpg 
lunch 2.jpg 
whole KS2 Battlefield 2.jpg
lunch 3.jpg 
roller coaster 2.jpg


In the last week of term the whole school went to Bradford School with Bridgerule School for  Federation Sports Day. The sun shone, the children began with a picnic with their parents followed by 10 different activities including, egg and spoon races, sack races, running, throwing and relays. Everyone received a medal.
KS1 egg and spoon 2.jpg KS1 sacks 2.jpg 
KS2 running 2.jpg 
Will, archie, max 2.jpg 
year 6 sack 2.jpg 

The netball team were in action again in July, we invited Halwill Primary School over for a friendly match. Everyone who attends club from both school had a chance to play in a team, no scores were kept and everyone enjoyed the opportunity to play. This followed the school team representing North Devon and Torridge at the South West Youth Games in Okehampton. They played fantastically against some very strong opposition, in the morning they only lost one game (against the eventual games winners) which meant they were runners up in their group and went forward to the semi-finals. They played a brilliant game; despite being the only team to score goals against the other team they did not win, this put them into the play-off for the bronze medal position against Torbay. The first half finished with us 4 – 1 down; the second half was amazing and they pulled it back to 4 all by the end of the game. They then went into extra time and put in a valiant effort but Torbay finished 3 -1 up. A final 4th position from the South West is outstanding and we are so proud of them all. 

SWG netball.jpg 

We held our annual Summer Fete the first weekend in July, the weather was perfect and it was great to see so many people there, all the stalls were busy all afternoon. 


In July Class 2 went with other schools from the Holsworthy area to a Beach festival in Bude. They had a fantastic time playing cricket, football, capture the flag and target Frisbee.

beach festival.jpg  
beach festival2.jpg  
beach festival3.jpg

In July years 5 and 6 went on a 3 day residential trip to The Manor Hotel in Okehampton where they enjoyed go-karting, roller skating, golf, sign making and dance amongst other things.

Holly & Ellie.jpg 

Years 5 and 6 undertook Bikeability training in June, where they learned how to set up and check their bikes for safety. They rode around the playground learning basic skills before going out on the road to learn about conduct and road safety.

bikes waving.jpg 
bikes playground 1.jpg  
bikes playground 2.jpg

 In June, Mrs Whalley took 3 class 1 children to Pathfield School in Barnstaple 

for an Art day based on the book “Animals of the North”, which they chose for the Kate Greenaway Award shadowing event. The children introduced themselves to the group and then spoke about the art work they had done relating to the book to back up their work presentation.jpg  
children presentation.jpg

Ienjoyed watching the other children from other schools doing their things aboutthe books,” said Hazel.

“We talked about our book and showed the pictureswe had made,” said Harriet.

“I enjoyed telling peopleabout the animals," said Emilia.

In June all the Year 6 children from Bradford, Bridgerule and Black Torrington Primary schools came together at Bradford to take part in a writing day. The children looked at how to write a ghost story including how to create suspense in their description of the setting and the characters. Some fantastic writing was produced by the children and they all enjoyed the day.

writing day 1.jpg

writing day 2.jpg


In May the children attended the Ascension Day Service in St Mary’s Church where there were bible readings by the children, and pins removed from the Paschal Candle.

 “We learned about Jesus going up into Heaven” said Maisie

 “We were reminded about Jesus’s body and blood and why we have bread and wine in church” said Hazel

  Acension Day Service.jpg     
Paschal candle.jpg

The netball team have excelled themselves this year; in the Holsworthy High Five League they only lost one match;this means that we are proud to announce they are this year’s league winners.They received a trophy and other prizes at the presentation session.  There are a couple of other tournaments lined up and we hope their success will continue.

netball winners.jpg

In May the children enjoyed a picnic lunch, provided by the kitchen. The weather was kind and the children were able to sit outside, they found it very exciting.

picnic 1.jpg  
picnic 2.jpg  
picnic 3.jpg
picnic 4.jpg  
picnic 5.jpg

Now that summer seems to have finally arrived,gardening club has started after school. The PTFA purchased a wooden trough andthe children have planted it up with strawberries and peas. 

gardening club trough 2.jpg  gardening club strawberries.jpg 
 gardening club pots.jpg

Spring Term

In the last week of the Spring term the children took part in many Easter activities.

The whole school attended a special Easter Service in the church, the children acted out the story of Easter, they read poems and prayers. We welcomed parents and friends to the service who joined in the singing of hymns. 

Easter church.jpg
KS1 prayer reading.jpg

We have been fortunate this term to have Mr Goodwin teaching the children to play the Ukelele, a talented group of the children showed how much they have learned in just one term as they performed “Spirit of God”, with the congregation joining in the singing. 

 ukelele performance.jpg

The children excelled themselves with their entries to the Easter Bonnet and Easter Egg decorating competitions. There were some beautiful creations; Morag and Rose were given the difficult task of choosing the winners 

class 2 eggs.jpg
decorated eggs.jpg

these were Scarlett, Jay, Maisie and Erin from class 2 and Harriet,Abigail, Roxanna, Alice, Hazel and Emilia from class 1. 

On the last afternoon the PTFA organised their annual Easter egg hunt and Easter tea, parents were invited to come in for a cup of tea and a hot-cross bun.

    egg hunters.jpg

On Wednesday 8th March children from years 5 and 6 visited the Explorer Science Dome at Holsworthy Community College which was all about Light. The children learned new facts about light and enjoyed theexperience.


“I learnt that there are a lot of different colours in light, which Ididn’t know before,” said William Bridges.


“I really enjoyed the different-coloured shadows that we made with all theprimary colours of light, which are green, blue and red,” said Lily.

Dome.jpg  Dome2.jpg

Thursday 2nd March was World Book Day. The theme for the day was “Where’s Wally?”  children as well as staff came into school dressed as Wally, Wenda or just wearing red white and blue. We collected £27 in donations which will go to the NSPCC, our charity this year. Mrs Whalley organised games, quizzes, cake decorating and a treasure hunt.

World Book Day.jpg

On Shrove Tuesday the PTFAtreated us to a pancake morning, aided in the serving 

by the pupils. Parents and local people were invited to join us, there was a choice of 

toppings anddonations of £56.36 were collected for our charity of the year , the 


pancake 4.jpg

The netball team have won all their matches so far in the Holsworthy High Five 

netball league;and so were chosen to represent the Holsworthy Learning

Community in the North Devon round of the County Championship.They 

braved high winds and rain to play at Bideford College along with the top 15 

teams from across North Devon. They excelled themselves against strong 

competition and didn’t lose a match in the first round in the morning.

Netball 1.jpg
Netball 5.jpg


 After a lunch spent sitting on the playground in the rain they progressed to 

the semi finals where they came across Kingsacre School and, despite taking an

 early lead, suffered their first loss.This meant they went into the playoffs where they finished a very creditable 6th out of 16,  which is a fantastic 

achievement for such a small school. Despite the atrocious weather and lack of

shelter the children kept going to the end, we are very proud of them.

 Kingsacre were one of the eventual 2 winners going through to next round.

Netball 2.jpg
Netball 4.jpg
Netball 3.jpg

Also in February, Class One visited the Parent and Toddler Group, based at the village hall. The group meets every Monday morning,and Class One try to 'get together' with the toddlers once a term, to share and play together.

Toddler visit 7.jpg

This time, the children were invited to make cereal hoop starfish, shiny fish using card, foil and colouring pens, read and share stories and poems with the  younger children about fish and the sea, and they finished off the visit by singing songs. 

In January we were lucky to have a second visit from Wonderstruck. They came to school and treated the children to a morning of science, this was based on the solar system.

 planets on field.jpg  planet order 2.jpg

 The children learned about the order of the planets and were challenged with the task of making motorised planet-exploring vehicles without wheels which were then tested on ramps. 

building rovers 2.jpg building rovers.jpg

testing rovers 5.jpg

They also watched an exciting demonstration about meteors. We would like to thank the PTFA for funding the visit.

Later the same day, the whole school took part in a STEM afternoon. The children have been taking part in a competition - to promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics - which is based across the schools within North Devon and the surrounding areas. The competition involved seeing which team could build the tallest tower (that stands on its own) and which team could build a strong enough tower to hold an egg for as long as possible. 

STEM challenge 2.jpg  STEM challenge.jpg

Each team worked very well together ensuring that everyone's skills were used whether  they were designing, discussing or putting the tower together. We are now eagerly awaiting the results to find out which schools won this challenging but exciting competition.

Nativity Play

On 9th December the children performed the Christmas play “A Miracle in Town” to family and friends. It was a lovely performance, the children excelled themselves, nobody forgot their lines or positions and the singing was beautiful. Well done to the whole cast. Also a big thank you to the PTFA for providing the refreshments (£27.18 was collected in donations for the NSPCC, our Charity this year) and to everyone who helped with learning lines and making the costumes.

Christmas play.jpg

Carol Service

On 14th December we held our annual Carol service in St Mary’s Church, the children sang Carols, read prayers and talked about gifts for the baby Jesus.

KS1 Carol service.jpg  

KS2 Carol service.jpg

Children in Need

Children in Need.jpg

For this years Children in Need everyone dressed in a colour of the rainbow as in the school logo. We held a coffee morning and we all enjoyed coffee and cakes as well as joining in some fun games. We raised a fantastic total of £193.38 for the charity.

Harvest Festival

On Wednesday 28th September we held the school’s Harvest Festival service at St Mary’s Church.The children read poems and the congregation sang the hymns which had been selected by class 2. All the children had created some artwork to decorate the window in the children’s area of the church. Thank you for all your kind gifts and donations which were displayed as the school logo rainbow and will be passed on to the Food Bank.

Harvest festival class 2.jpg    harvest produce.jpg

Black Torrington C of E Primary School is a rural school made up of two classes. The school has close links with the local community and St Mary's Church and we offer a warm welcome to any families who wish to join us.
On 1st September 2014 the school joined the Holsworthy Federation. This is a partnership with Bridgerule C of E Primary, Bradford Primary and Holsworthy Community College.  
The Head of Primary Phase Lisa Paton
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